14 Best Platforms To Share Your Content In 2019

14 Best Platforms To Share Your Content In 2019

Are you an entrepreneur? Have opened a new business? So, to advertise your product or service in the market, you need to share-worthy content on various platforms to gain public exposure. Yes, you may have got great content, the best choice of words and even the right vocabulary. In this article, we focus on some of the best platforms to share your content in 2019 (or the next year).


  1. Facebook

There was a big commotion that Facebook will be dead. Last year. But look the changes. This social media platform hit back at its competitors in the right way. Through its ads campaigns. So, Facebook is the best platform in present times.

Yes, you can definitely reach out to friends and blood relations to advertise your products/services via Facebook. But the advantage lies in the ability to share content via the Facebook Groups. You can reach the specific audience via these group. Once part of the relevant group, you can share photos, articles and every type of content with the members.


  1. LinkedIn

If you have opened a new business, you need to download the app. LinkedIn is the best content platform sharing B2B content. If you want to reach higher management professionals in any industry, then this platform is the main option. And for sharing articles, you can use the official LinkedIn Profile. You can add more followers.

Similar to Facebook, every LinkedIn also has groups. Yes, you have to get permission to join a group. But before making the posting, ensure you read the guidelines and check if the group can help your business.



  1. Twitter

Great leaders can change the world with just one sentence. You can also do so with Twitter. It is a highly sought after platform by every celebrity in any part of the globe. You can use Twitter to use both the company pages as well as personal pages. How about using Twitter Chats to chat with industry experts of your business? Also, do not forget to know the skills before you share the twitter content.



  1. Instagram

There may be limitations, that you need only a mobile to post content. But you can also post videos and pictures on this app. There is one option to share the best content. Just post the link of the most viewed article on your bio. You can also add stories on Instagram.



  1. Snapchat

It works in the same way as Instagram. You can add the link to content. Your followers and others will do the next step.



  1. Pinterest

It is very easy to create a Pinterest account. Now, via the boards also, it is possible to share content.



  1. YouTube

Remember video and you get reminded of youtube. For advertising your product or service, you can opt for the how to do, how to guide and many factors. You can also add links in the Videos so that more users can read your content.



  1. Vimeo

If you can post on YouTube, the same can be done on Vimeo. Yes, the audience you reach may be less in number. But they are more mature.



  1. Reddit

There is, however, one drawback in this platform. It does not encourage self-promotion of products or services. So you have to be honest and give valuable information. But if the content is written in a nice way, you can reach the maximum number of audience.



  1. SlideShare

You can also use the content to share via SlideShare. But you have to change the article to a presentation. The next step is to upload on Slideshare so that it can reach the audience.



  1. Google+

It is a part of the feature which Google gives to its users. But you can share content to reach a wide range of audiences. Yes, it also has groups.



  1. Medium

If your product or service is regarding reading and publishing, you can go for this platform. But it takes time to submit to a reputed Medium publication. These will have a loyal audience, so if you can publish the content in one of these publications, you can reach the audience.



  1. Quora

Do you desire that the content should reach more audience? Then go all out for Quora. You have to first look at the questions and the answers. Then search for the relevant keywords to write the content. With more than 590 million visitors a month, you can ask the question and give the answer.



  1. Yahoo Answers

Similar to Quora, but this platform does not have so many monthly users. To advertise your product or services for free, you can answer the questions asked by others.




Let us imagine a situation. You have opened a home maintenance company. You provide doorstep bike repair service in Bangalore. Now how will you reach the maximum number of customers? You can get the answer in this article. Yes, you can also try posting your content on other platforms such as Triberr, Mix.com. Blog Engage, Digg and many more.

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