5 Best Practices to Promote Your Business on Social Media


Social Media is the best platform that shows even short term results clearly. The businesses should invest on it with clear consideration to strategy formulation with content creation and execution to the best. Many believe that new things should be tried to stand out from the crowd. It might be true but the basics should not be ignored at any cost. The 5 best practices to promote your business on social media is as follows:

Know the Purpose

Knowing what you are doing takes you a long way. If you are starting a business and are looking for ways to reach your prospective customers, you need posts that generate awareness about “Me also Here”. If you are an already established business that already have social presence and want to promote something new, you need to embed your latest update with regular ones. So first of all the purpose should be identified, so you have clear picture of results to achieve.

Combine Marketing Channels

When you are promoting your business your target market should be well-defined. After that you identify networks that they are most likely to be available. First you need to focus on the single medium where there are high chances of engagements. But long term success lies in mastering diverse networks and synchronizing them all well. The popular networks to master include Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.

Carve Differentiation

You should have posts tailored in manner that your unique selling proposition is highlighted. Get creative with contents with more of indirect promotion. It is said that in order to generate interest the ratio of promotional content should be as low as 1:7.

Give a Personal Touch

People get attached to brands that are not just products rather more like a person. Do make sure that you share your expertise, build relation and respond to complains. This way will help you in becoming top of the mind brand for customer. Here one should understand need of customers and respond as a one stop solution.

Connect With Competitors

The two most important people in the business are customer and competitor. Making allies in competition is a great idea for better penetration in market. This should start off by competitor analysis of social media campaigns and posts. It can be a win-win situation if implemented strategically.

There is much more to the business promotion in social media that depends on the nature of product/ service one sell. So make your own list of best practices and implement it to learn better.

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  1. Without social media, no digital marketing strategy can generate effective results. Social media marketing is growing fast because of the increasing trend of socialization

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