Free SEO Tools – Your Basic Guide To Free SEO Tools

SEO is gaining momentum in the field of digital marketing and anyone who has his/her own blog or website is doing SEO or probably knows about it. But there is also a minority that doesn’t know about SEO at all and thinks of it as some mysterious technique of page ranking which costs around a fortune. This is not true. Because you can do your own little SEO for your blog/website for free too! Yes, there are a lot of free SEO tools on the web just to help and we are going to discuss the best of them today.

Google Analytics

The most valuable thing in the field of digital marketing is analytics and data. Google Analytics provide you with tailored analytics of your website/blog. No other analytic tools can do better than Google Analytics because Google has the its web crawlers all over the web and is the biggest search engine ever built.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another power tool that helps you judge your page rank in a better way. It helps you visualize how your site appears in the search. It also helps you with crawling error, suggestions for html improvement and much more.


Moz is a powerful tool for inbound marketing services and is probably one of the best SEO suites out there. It helps you backlink analysis, OSE Metrics, individual search results, citations and much more! If you are planning to do some powerful SEO then Moz is the perfect suite for you.

Google Keyword Planner

SEO specialists, love this tool. This is the most loved tool in the field of SEO because it provides you with the most basic SEO thing yes, keywords! Simply give it a seed word and you’ll see keyword suggestions pouring in with estimates of monthly searches.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

SEO Spider Tool is a great web crawler that easily gets you critical data on every URL. All you have to do is, download it and start spinning.


Builtwith is the Sherlock of SEO because it tells you what technology was used to create the website whether it was on a CMS or is custom built. It even tells you what analytics have been implemented on the website as well!

Web Developer Toolbar

Web developer toolbar is a powerful toolbar that enables the users to find or disable information from CSS, Javascript, cookies images etc.


The page load speed of your blog matters in the SEO game, a lot. It also affect the UX of your website. GTMetrix allows you to find out the page load speed of your website/blog which is pretty helpful. Other than that, GTMetrix is popular being of its friendly UI and thoroughness.


If you are on your way to build a powerful SEO strategy for your blog/website then these tools will be there to help you for sure. However, what else matters more than these tools is your approach towards building a good SEO.

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