Best Domain and Hosting Services for 2018

Best Domain and Hosting Services for 2018

Sizes, they matter a lot. They matter even in our daily lives wearing tight/loose clothes has never been a pleasure to anyone. The same thing goes for websites and blogs. If you are on your way to creating a blog which is about a niche that requires heavy imagery, rich media (Videos, GIFs, animations etc.) then you would require a hosting that provides a big volume of storage and bandwidth and if your niche is a bit dry and just needs text, then you’re good to go with the cheapest one! *Winks*

The first step, to begin with, is to identify the needs of your website. If you have an eye for the future growth of your blog as well then you might need a more expensive hosting. But nothing to worry as we have listed the top domain hosting services of 2017 for you. Take a look!


GoDaddy is one of the most prominent names in the domain buying and web hosting industry. It is the largest domain registrar on this planet right now and incorporates tens of thousands of website domains in its portfolio. They offer cheap packages with free backup, uptime guarantee and restore.

The best thing about GoDaddy is that it’s for everyone. From rookies to professionals, everyone gets their fair share at GoDaddy. The best feature about GoDaddy is that it allows its customers to increase the capacity of hosting on demand if there is a sudden surge in the traffic.


Easyspace is one of the top UK-based web hosting providers. They have been in the business for almost 18 years and have maintained a good reputation in the market. Easyspace also offers free backup, uptime guarantee and restore, along with this, their rates are comparatively cheaper than other web hosting services. A plus point is that they have a super-efficient customer care team that gives assistance 24/7! Oh, and it offers unlimited bandwidth too.


UK2 is also a UK-based company that and has a good share of the market. They unarguably have the cheapest rates starting from 99p a month (only if you subscribe for a year). UK2 is known to be unique for its offerings. Along with unlimited bandwidth, they provide unlimited emails and free SSL certificates as well which is great for security and search visibility.

Though they do annoy their customers with hidden charges at times their 24/7 active call centres provide excellent customer support. Oh, and did we mention 30-day money back guarantee?

Just three?

The web hosting services that we have mentioned above are the best ones in their game. They have worked for years to reach this level of excellence and customer support and it looks like they will stay on top of the league in 2018 as well. These web hosting services provide all that you may need to set up your website or blog along with some cool perks too!

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