Best Free SEO tools 2017 Online without downloading any software

When it comes to SEO, tools are the most important and integral part of any SEO executive or specialist. Those who are new into SEO have initially a tough time in trying to figure out what tools to use. This problem can easily be rectified by having a stern knowledge of the tools that are a must know for any person who does SEO or is even linked with it. If your 2017 work resolution is to work smarter, not harder, then this article is for you. I’ve comprised a list of free online tools that you can use almost anywhere just sitting online on your workstation or PC without downloading any software or having to worry about technical issues. These tools are absolutely free of cost and very handy when it comes to SEO.


The first one that I’m going to discuss is backlink maker.

This free tool is very easy to use. You just have to put in the name of the website that you want to know the backlinks of and hit submit, and it’ll tell you all the backlinks associated with it just in a flash!


The second one is Meta tag generator.

It generates Meta tags for your website using your site information, its keywords and primary language. It is a great tool for generating Meta tags for your website.


The third tool we’re going to talk about is Domain into IP

The major benefit of converting domain into IP address is that you are able to avoid unsecured IP address and keep your website or blog safe and secure. Google always appreciates those websites and blogs that are safe for surfing and is free from bugs and errors.


The fourth tool we’ll be discussing about is the XML site generator

XML Sitemap Generator. This tool simplifies the process of generating an XML sitemap of your website, which can be used to take advantage of valuable tools including Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Simply enter your website URL, make your selection from a variety of custom parameters, and start the tool. It is a very handy tool when it comes to SEO and is used globally by SEO executives who have knowledge of generating sitemap and the wonder it does.

Alright guys so these were some of the tools that I wanted to discuss with you guys in brief. There are lots of tools out there in the market but you’re not sure whether they’ll give you desired results or not but these tools are certain to give you your desired results. The most important free tools that any guy associated with SEO should be aware of are

  1. Article rewriter
  2. plagiarism checker
  3. keyword position checker
  4. backlink checker
  5. ping website tool
  6. link analyzer
  7. keyword density checker
  8. Google malware checker
  9. domain age checker
  10. DMoz listing checker
  11. URL encoder
  12. server status checker
  13. page site checker

These tools are very important and integral tools when it comes to SEO and they are a must use for any person who is associated with SEO either on a beginner or professional level.

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