Bing Ads vs Google AdWords:case study: which offers the better value?

Bing Ads vs Google Adwords

Bing Ads vs Google Adwords

While talking to group of PPC mediums, the topic of Bing Ads vs Google Adwords surfaced. Google Adwords turned out to be the winner because of greater loyal base and results to prove worth. But what was noticeable thing in the debate was the fact Bing Ads advantages are not known to many. This article is not about promotion of Bing Ads, but rather a neutral view of which campaign platform works betters.

Target Audience

While working through different campaigns we realized that Bing Ads works for much mature audience of middle age to early forties. So if you are into business like home services, advertising through Bing Ads can be pretty fruitful. The Google Adwords on the other hand, has huge chunk of young people. So products and services focused on teens and young adults have better results on Google Adwords.

Size of Competition

It should also be kept in mind that Google Adwords has a much bigger pool for high volume traffic generation. The number of people who uses Bing Ads is undeniably low, but the quality of relevant clicks has higher probability. When we analyzed through a sample test run campaign, the results show that overall conversion ratio of Bing Ads are higher with lower cost per click (CPC), minimal cost per lead (CPL) and better positioning. There is much less competition that gives you a wider ground to show your advertising skills with creativity to showcase in a unique attention-grabbing way.

Better Option

No one can suggest you to import all your campaigns from Google Adwords and run it on Bing Ads exclusively. As the Google Adwords is an expert player that your team has probably greater experience working on and generating sure shot results. But Bing Ads is more like an untapped platform that might support you more than you expect. It needs to be explored by continuous trial with margin of error kept in mind. One should know the limit of budget that needs to be invested and should stick to it. The advantage of Bing is that it provides import from Google campaign option, that reduces the work requirement to start from scratch, yet there are few technicalities that you need to manage on the way. The most prominent limitation is that keywords cannot be edited when you import from Google, rather you need to set new campaign for the purpose.

At last we can say depending upon the nature/ size of your business, you should identify the platform that works for you. But you can give both of them a fair chance to check the worth of your money at the very minute, giving you long-term benefits.

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  1. Google Adwords offers some of the best conversion tracking,But guess what? Most businesses advertising on Adwords are NOT using it. They don’t know how well their ads are performing on a campaign level, nor an ad group level, nor an ad level, nor a keyword level.

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