How To Build Links To Your Website in 2016

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Links are the medium through which search engine judges the popularity of website but also evaluate factors like trust, spam and authority. In SEO link building is the basic and top required for search engine ranking and traffic generation.

Here are a few easy ways to build link to your website in 2016:

Link to Other Trusted Websites

In SEO quality and quantity move together, so both should be given due importance. The link on popular, important and related website that offers same product/ services as you gives better results.  But people do not allow posting your link that easily there, so you need to devise strategy that works best in this scenario.

Relevance Counts

As discussed previously relevance has a crucial part in generating better ranking. It has been tested and proved that links that are posted on sites offering topic specific community matter has more worth as compare to links on general or off topic sites. This on the other side is good for your product/ service too, as visitor who is on a website that sells dog food will go for an ERP solution has less chances of landing on website as compare to a website that offers technology gadgets.

Achor Text Importance

If there are a dozen of links that point to a page with the right keywords the chances of the anchor text there have greater probability to get high rank. That is the reason searches with “click here” hyperlink gets good rank because of anchor text in the inbound link. Hence anchor text play a strong role in search engine ranking, so give it the due importance.

Fresh Rank Placement

Links on a stale obsolete website is of no use, as new links are not earned in the process anymore. So make sure that you continue earning new links by continuing the link building process. This is the medium that search engine use to judge the popularity and relevance at the moment.

2016, is the year of unlimited opportunity with social media being on boost, so get creative with your link building strategies and reap the fruit of success.

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