Changes in SEO 2016

SEO in 2016

SEO in 2016

The SEO analyst and executives keep implementing the new and advanced changes in SEO 2016 to make it more effective and productive for the businesses. Many innovative modifications have been made in this recent year. Here, we present some significant do’s and don’ts of Search engine optimization (SEO) in twenty sixteen (2016). People clearly focused on significant two and three keywords that trigger the organic content.

It’s very important for all the SEO-related professionals to realize that Google has made some serious improvisation to enhance the SEO tools. Presently, if your page or website has more and more information such as approximately 1,200 to 1,500, then syour page has relatively high chances to perceive the user’s value. Additionally, it will upsurge the impact on the user by 81 percent.

The top trendy changes of the year of 2016 bring out the virtual reality to the SEO in smartphone industry. Let’s check out some interesting yet brilliant modifications of this era.

Smart Phones Compatibility

As hundreds of thousands of people are using their smart phones to browse social media sites and other communication platforms to acquire latest information about news and entertainment. Now google have more strong trends for content marketers to adjust and fit their content as per high accessibility.

Top 3 Ranking Signal Revealed by Google

In 2016, Google announced their article intelligence system, RankBrain. This system clearly defines the top ranking signals depending on website’s content and other SEO tools. Owners can easily know where their website or page is actually positioned in Google ranking.

SEO to Social Media

Now, this is one of the major shifts of 2016 relating Search engine optimization with social media networking. As now users are interested more towards virtually-rich data and they seek through social platforms. This year, SEO can link to combine content with visual effects and infographics.

Paid Ads turn green

Google has switched their Ad label during the mid of April from Yellow to green. Initially, these labels were revealed back in 2013. However, we aren’t sure about how these labels are influencing both paid and organic click-through. It might seem that Google tried to fit in with the organic outcomes given the grey, blue and green font theme.

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