Some common SEO myths for your information

Some common SEO myths for your information

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is commonly known by the people in the marketing world. It is one of the most effective strategies of digital marketing that works to optimize the traffic on a website through keywords, and other strategies.

Keywords are relative search words or phrases that are commonly searched by the lay people for results on a search engine such as Google. Hence, websites on Google are ranked from first to last, according to their traffic, mobile-friendly behavior, and in accordance with the keywords.

Hence, SEO has an interconnection with content writing, as the most searched keywords are then used in different web contents, blogs, articles, Meta descriptions, titles, and many more to make it easier for the people to get results over their searched short or long tail keywords.

In simpler terms, search engine optimization (SEO) is about searching for appropriate keywords to be used for better traffic by ranking higher on a search engine.

Some common SEO myths for your information

Some common myths about search engine optimization (SEO):

When it comes to SEO, there is no one single myth. Hundreds are born every day, and about hundreds are debunked. Often these myths are heard by businessmen and entrepreneurs who then have doubts about whether they should opt for this service among all the digital marketing services, will it actually help them, or are these myths actually true, and is SEO actually dead?

Hence, following are some of the most common myths of search engine optimization (SEO) in digital marketing that we all have heard of:


  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very time consuming:

The first myth or misconception we often hear about SEO is that the process is very time taking. Also, the results are short term. This myth is totally wrong and illogical. Search engine optimization (SEO) may be time-consuming, but we need to know that every service we opt for takes time to set its roots in the business and to make the position of that business better than before. Also, there is barely any truth in the saying that SEO is for short-term purposes. Believe it or not, SEO takes time but the effects are definitely long term. Not only does SEO creates brand recognition and credibility, but it also helps a website rank higher on the search engine.


  1. The experience one faces on a website does not matter at all:

There is no doubt that we create a website for the consumers so that they can go through it, recognize the brand, trust it, and use it for their own purpose for e.g. for online shopping, for getting information about the brand and what is it offers and many more. Due to this reason, we need to take care of the fact that a consumer actually likes visiting the website, and faces no issue while using it. User-friendly websites are something that is often taken into concern by the people. Other than that, focusing on having a mobile-friendly website is also much needed because this feature is crucial for the future, and due to the rapid growth in the use of mobile phones instead of computers.


  1. Keywords in Meta titles and descriptions are not important:

Yet another misconception about search engine optimization or SEO is that there is no such need of a keyword in the titles of some content and the Meta descriptions. This myth is once again something completely false although people follow it due to not researching it, nor do they opt for an SEO agency in Pakistan that can guide them. We need to know that keywords play a very important role in making people click on your website on the search engine. People often select to click on a website and open it only if it has the words they have searched on the internet. Hence, keywords are crucial for titles and Meta descriptions equally.


  1. Researching about keywords is unnecessary and useless:

The next myth that we all have heard is that researching about which keywords should be used and which shouldn’t is completely unnecessary. I guess we know how stupid this myth is after talking about the importance of keywords in the myth above. Keywords are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) and should not be treated as something secondary. Hence, having a clear research about which keywords should be used in the content of your website that will help you towards scoring more consumers from the search engine and definitely help you rank better is undoubtedly crucial.


  1. Good SEO ranking would remain constant:

We all know that rankings on Google or any other search engine keeps on changing. Maintaining your good ranking requires time, efforts, and constant surveillance over it. Hence, search engine optimization definitely helps you to reserve your position on the search engine, but it also needs efforts to compete with other websites on the same search result page to rank higher than them by bringing new strategies to your SEO service, and by being strong at the old ones.


  1. Why hire a digital marketing agency when we can do it ourselves?

The last search engine optimization (SEO) myth that we’re going to mention is that businesses often believe that hiring a digital marketing agency in Pakistan is completely useless and that online marketing does not really need professionals to help them in marketing their own business.

Internet marketing needs professionals just like every other job does. These agencies have special SEO teams that are pro at their works and do not need guidance to take your business to a better position.

Search engine optimization, shortly SEO, is one of the most crucial digital marketing services when it comes to promoting your own brand. Also, this service is being opted by every small to large scale business of any niche due to the rising competition in the markets. Hence, taking all of these factors into concern, one always needs a digital marketing agency to fulfill its marketing goals.

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