Facebook Marketing Tips and tricks

facebook marketing tips

facebook marketing tips

The Facebook marketing tips and tricks vary as according to industry though the basics remain same throughout.Here you will read some useful tips to do marketing through Facebook.

Know Your Objective

It is something of foremost importance. One needs to find out the basic objective that is expected to be achieved. It can be to increase visit on your website, generate likes on your page or gaining greater engagements of customers. The use of facebook has gone beyond laptop and desktop PC to mobile phones. 60- 70% of customers use mobile phone, so make sure that you have an app support on your page.

Bid the Best

You can also go for paid medium of marketing and bid for advertisement. The payment can be based on click, impression, likes. You can have a daily or life time budget to support your campaign. The advertisement size purely depends on the type you are going for, though the standard 1200px X 627px is used by default by many. The 600 pixel wide advertisement looks best on newsfeed.

Know Your Target Audience

You can find out your target audience by checking through Facebook Insight. You can segment the market as according to location, age, gender, relationship status, language, education, and workplace. It can be further narrow down for better results. But remember you need to explore by experiencing the strategy that best works for you.

Content for Engagement

You can get creative in this part and go for your own unique touch keeping your business in mind. There are people who have gained greater success by posting blog, testimonial, news, interesting facts and much more. But while doing that make sure that the post content is comprehensive with not too many words. Videos get most engagements, pictures stand on second and pure content comes last; so go for a perfect mix of everything.

The Latest Trend

It is your call to be attention grabbing on Facebook. Though meme are getting greater popularity where the right combination of picture and witty text make wonder. Sharing of posts by page fans can be a greater way to engage more people. You can tag them, so even your post is visible to their friends and friends of friends. You can hold a contest, Like vs Share is one of such way. You give two choices and ask customer to Like it if they think first one is right and share it if they think second option is right. Now we have smiley addition with Like button so you can use them too.

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