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The only thing that separates WordPress from other Content Management Systems is the fact that it’s open source and has all the benefits of being open source. If you are a newbie at coding or at PHP in particular, you don’t really have to worry because the WP community has got plugins for you! These plugins allow anyone to add additional functionalities to their blogs and websites making them more powerful and efficient. This is why WordPress is the best and most flexible CMS for bloggers. There are two kinds of WP plugins, Free and Premium. Both have their pros and cons. This article is dedicated to the best WP plugins available. Take a look!

Premium Plugins


This premium WordPress plugin is an all-rounder. It’s like a compiled version of all important plugins and it even incorporates the best ones like SEO, e-commerce install etc.


Billboard is a top advertising plugin that enables you to easily add images, create banners, feature home images, sidebars, social icons, widgets etc.


OIO Publisher is a WP Premium Plugin that lets you manage your advertising by automating banners, text links, paid advertisement, and it even collects the money for you!

Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is your All-In-One solution for data migration, data transaction and data backup. You can create files using this plugin on an improper script to quickly restore your site on the same server or even migrate to a new host.

Email Buddy

Email Buddy is your email marketing solution. It builds email lists around your blog, lets you create newsletters and it even lets you send bulk emails!

Genesis Connect

Genesis Connect is a WP plugin that lets you build social networks for friends, family and colleagues. You can easily turn your website into a social network with its framework.

Free Plugins

Gamer’s Pack

Gamer’s Pack is a WP Plugin that makes your website viewable in console mediums like Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Google Sitemap

Google Sitemap lets you create fully-compliant sitemaps for your website.


Jetpack is a supercharging WP Plugin that enables you to integrate your WordPress site with awesome cloud power.

WP-DB Manager

This plugin gives you all the control over your website (technical). You can control database, backend customization, backups, etc. with this plugin.

Smilies Themer

This plugin offers a variety of emojis so you can place them in the comment section of your blog.

RSS Footer

It is a basic footer plugin for your blog. With this plugin, you’ll be able to add copyright, notice, etc. in the footer of your blog.

All-In-One SEO Pack

This plugin is probably the best free WP plugin available. It is your ultimate SEO solution that helps you set your homepage meta information and even generates custom meta information for your site. You can do all the On-Page SEO tricks with this plugin.


Both Free and Premium Plugins have their pros and cons and it also depends what kind of website you have and what do you want for it. Use these plugins on your blog and supercharge it!

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