How to find the niche for your blog?

“Niche” simply accentuates the type of your blog. The topic all your blog posts will revolve is the niche of your blog. Niche is the type of information that you offer to your your audience. There are broad and tight niches. A broad niche is that which covers all aspects of a specific category. For example if your niche is automotive, then you will cover everything that falls in the category whether it’s engine manufacturing or the newest model of Tesla.


Finding a niche to write about often becomes a hard task for bloggers. There are thousands of things and choosing the wrong niche results in a doomed blog. By wrong niche, we mean to say that the niche is not okay for the writer because no one can write about everything. So, how to write on the right niche? Answers are below!


Know what you’re passionate about

Everyone has a their own thing. Thing they’re passionate about and things they have really good knowledge about. For example, a person read comics growing up and really loves to read comic. Knows how Magneto is one of the most powerful villains and how Deadpool came into existence. The person also has a flair for writing. Should he write about comics? The answer is still risky at the time because there can be other things that this person loves too. Like cooking food or gardening. If you know how to cook food, you are passionate about it and you’re good with tastes too then you should be writing about food. Niches are all about passions and personal preferences. Know what you are passionate about, make it your niche and you’ll be a successful blogger. Because when you write about what you love, you make sense.


Fulfil a need. Find a hole.

It gets pretty tough here because no matter what niche you choose, there are already thousands of active blogs writing about it. Then comes the factor of perspective. Seeing things in a unique perspective than other, critiquing in new horizons and providing facts and information in a different way can be your Unique Selling Point.


Always keep this in your mind that there is always an unseen hole in the market that you can cover. Whether it’s writing about the vaguest specification or a whole new niche (Well, that’s rare!), there is always enough space for you to fit in. All you need to do is to make your researches more immense and focused. You will find something different to write about. Solve a problem and become famous!


How to dominate your niche

Dominating your niche requires extensive research and a good plan. You’ve chosen your topic? Great. Now join the community of your niche. You also have to make money so keep that in mind that your content should attract advertisers too. Like if you are writing about food, then your blog posts can be about wines too so you can get them brewers pay you. Joining the community helps in becoming aware of what’s there to do, who’s getting paid how and how can you make a difference. Always keep an eye on your competitors and in this industry, you’ll have a lot of them!

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