Importance and functionality of SEO

Importance and functionality of SEO

The world of SEO is even deeper than the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean. The more you indulge in it the more you’ll get to know about its complexed functionalities. SEO has been around us ever since the birth of search engines and their frequent use among the masses. This tell us that it has been constantly evolving. The more you dive deep in SEO the more you’ll explore it.

What you have to understand

Whenever you hear the term “SEO” things start to revolve in your mind. Colored hats, links, SMM, SEM, keywords, optimization and whatnot. Bing has different algorithms than Google and every search engine has its own pattern of crawling the web. SEO is the all-under-one-roof solution for this problem. Ranking your website on search engines is a tough job. However, experts say that if you understand how search engines rank websites, it’ll get much easier for you. All the famous websites/blogs have their SEO nicely done because keywords are power and if you are using them right then you are on way to success. SEO is the best ever digital marketing tool and it even beats sponsored advertising at times in the matter of reach. If you need to do SEO for your website then it’s mandatory for you to know its functionality. Furthermore, to know how SEO works, you should first have a good knowledge of search engine functionality.

Functionality of SEO

When the internet was created and it started to gain momentum, it was hard to keep track of websites and pages. Search engines found a way to tackle this by creating indexes. Website indexing is a method by which you can search your desired website or keyword in the list on a particular search engine and you will get your required link. So basically, you don’t search the web, you are searching inside the indexes made by search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.

However, when the indexes were made, there was a problem of content and keywords. For example, you want to search “Coffee” and you simply write “Coffee” in the Google search but the “Coffee” is in a story as well. To avoid this keyword confusion, page ranking was created and it filtered the content real good. If a blog has a good amount of backlinks, nicely done meta tags, descriptions and everything, it is ready for the web crawlers called “Spiders” to rank it. These Spiders create a web of information and keywords and interconnects both in the saved web pages on that search engine’s databases. This helps in ranking pages because if you have written coffee then you want to read about coffee not a story.


So this is how a website/blog is ranked on the Google Indexes. Bing and Yahoo have their own algorithms but the core technology is same for every search engine. SEO requires its expert to be smart and a good planner. If you are bad at planning things then you cannot become an SEO expert. Find yourself another career.

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