How to Improve Your Search Rankings in 2016

search ranking 2016

The year 2016 brings in a lot of challenges with content quality enhancement needed to boost the SEO. The mobile searches improved gaining greater market than any other device usage. The social media has mixed and matched with SEO to give SERPs a boost. In order to gain customers the videos have been used as another medium to engage customers in a better way.

Our target market has gone for multi-tasking creating a market that go for voice searches. Gone are the days when placing of link and keyword stuffing worked in improving the rank, today the usage of single source that provide content on knowledge graphs, maps, wiki, local, news, images, videos and social media  contributes in almost 2/3 of searches on Google. The local SEO has gained greater roots with searching of location, visiting store on the day of search and greater usage of local advertisement. In order to get better ranking content, URL and links should be relevant and comprehensive with keywords acting a bit more real.

Here are the tips to improve your search ranking in 2016:

  • Get more towards using other social platforms to help search engine crawler understand the website better.
  • Support content with other options especially videos.
  • Mobile devices are taking strong hold, so make sure the logo, font and content is optimized for the purpose. Having a mobile app to support your product/ service can take you long way.
  • The overall link authority has a strong role to play in modern SEO.
  • HTTPS, diverse domain and Anchor Text contribute in enhancing the ranking factor.
  • Long form in-depth content with word counts on an average of 1000 and at least an image to support generated better search result ranking.
  • Long- tail keywords with repo built slowly and steadily will bring in long term benefits.

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