Latest SEO Ranking Factors

SEO ranking factors

The SEO ranking factors of modern days are a mixture of old day link building base mixed with latest strategies to cater the smart search engine crawlers for better rankings. The 10 important factors that contribute in enhancing the SEO ranking are as follows:

  1. Relevant contents with depth in topic rules this game. Make sure that while publishing a write-up you identify the key topic and give maximum knowledge to reader on it.
  2. The domain rating has a high impact on better ranking, so make sure that this part is given special care.
  3. Content that is supported by one image outperform content with no image, so use of supporting image is a good idea. Though there is not much change of ranking influence identified when more images are used.
  4. Backlinks are single most important thing that contributes in initiation of high ranking process so the domain link to a page has a lot to contribute in magnifying your website position.
  5. The first page search engine ranking has strong relation with the HTTPS.
  6. The greater word counts lead to high Google ranking with approximately 1890 words on an average in first page results.
  7. Because Google has moved to Semantic Searches the influence of title tag keyword optimization on ranking has minimized.
  8. The Alexa highlights the importance of site speed in improving the ranking, as it reduces the bounce rate by agitated viewer.
  9. The lower bounce rate increases the time duration spent on website/ page by average customer. This results in boosting SEO ranking in long run.
  10. Surprisingly the most buzz Schema has negligible impact on ranking while exact match Anchor Text still have greater relation though many penguin updates make us believe that it has got obsolete.

Hence keeping a close watch on the changing trends and learning by experience can take one long way for better SEO strategies. The secret recipe to securing search engine ranking that will work in 2016.

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