What is link building in SEO?

Link building in SEO

Link building in SEO

Link building is the backbone of SEO that might look like a data entry type of task, yet the importance it has cannot be denied. Link building is a connection that you make by acquiring hyperlink on third party website linking it to your website. Hyperlink also called simply link is a small phrase type of content that when clicked helps one land on some predefined page. It is a way to navigate through multiple pages from a single page by simply clicking.
Search engines crawls through links on different pages on and off your page, so the technique used should be efficient enough to produce better results. It is because of this the people involved in SEO spends a lot of time in building quality links. The link also helps in determining ranking and a lot of other factors.

Relationship Building

Link building helps in reaching other relevant websites and blogs in the industry, so it gets the fruit of good-will that other reliable sources carry. That is the reason many famous websites give hard time in approving contents or graphics with links to their websites.

Sending Referral Traffic

The more likely to be clicked link that is highly visible and is inculcated in content naturally, leads to better traffic generation. Hence the relevant website link building results in landing of related visitor/ customers to your website increasing the chances of sale.

Authentic Branding

A good link building activity helps in building a brand that is able to carve niche as an authority. Link building techniques like content creation, graphic illustration and much more, helps in showcasing expertise as a company. This helps in building credibility in long run.

Hence no matter what SEO updates happens in coming years changing strategies to follow, we will always need the base of link building to start off with.

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