Is LinkedIn good for finding jobs?


Whether you are a senior professional or someone starting your career LinkedIn can help you in a number of ways. It is the digital resume that gives firsthand knowledge about your expertise, skills and job experience. In this era where the “fun to learn” is given high consideration, people expect the job search be a “fun to earn” process. As according to online survey the new generation consider LinkedIn a grandfather thing, yet its importance can be evident with the number of sign ups on an average.

The USP of LinkedIn

LinkedIn stands as a professional platform to network for employees and employers alike. The strong job board and search engine compatibility makes it an ideal option for jobs. The updated profile of employee and employer can aid to a greater extent in utilizing this network for job seeking purpose.

Way to Connect With Employer

Through LinkedIn one can research for openings in favorite company and even helps in connecting to potential employers. As according to a research, employers in all domains except scientific and engineering, search the employee profile on this network. So is it not better that the moment employer look for you, they get complete details on you beforehand.

Platform for Sharing Experience

Here one can share experiences like conducting/ attending workshops, a certification and everything that can give your professional profile a boost. The best part is that one can update it regularly to make “noise” in professional network about achievements.

Place To Find Future Job

Even if you have a stable career, you never know, your potential employer or your dream job is on the path to reach you. So keep your profile up to date and connect with those who share similar job interest as you for future benefits.

LinkedIn Verdict

The LinkedIn is as good as the user, because the better updated profile you have, the more are the chances that this platform will support you. It is not the platform that will give you magical results, rather your efforts in the domain that will bring long term benefits.

We discussed the importance of LinkedIn in finding best job for you. So if you are still not on LinkedIn it is a great idea to be there and explore a platform that might help in boosting your career. For those on passive on LinkedIn be active by endorsing skills, writing recommendations and updating your skill sets.

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