How to make money online with SEO and Google

In this article we’ll be going to discuss how to make money using simple techniques or the basics of how to make money through SEO and Google. So the basic idea is targeting keywords people type into Google. So, for example targeting a phrase ‘how to lose 15 pounds in 3 months’ because people are typing that in. So, you would make a website that will be a weight loss website and on that site have the article that can tell them how they can lose 15 pounds in 3 months. The third thing how you make money is sell them something.

What do you sell them?

Now a question arises that what do you sell them? This picture below is a clear depiction to your answer.

Now when you sell products of top brands and you make commission off of each sale or lead you generate, that is what Affiliate marketing is all about. You go out and make a deal with the company where if you bring them a sale you get a certain percentage of commission from that sale or lead. Now a question would arise in your mind that how does it work?

There’s a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there, literally for every single niche.

Alright, let’s go through some examples to actually see how affiliate marketing works. The first one we’re going to look at is venus factor review. Just go to Google and type venus factor review. The second links that shows up, click on that link.

Now you can see how simple this website is. They get you to try and click on these links.

So, if for example, I click on the highlighted text it will take me to the venus factor page. The link is tracking me, so if I purchase its guideline book, the person will get a commission of it.

The next good example of it is business and services so you could make money from marketing your own services in this case I’m marketing a SEO service and targeting Beverly Hills. So, if you’re to go Google and type in SEO Beverly Hills or Beverly Hills SEO you’re going to find my website and from that site I’m able to get clients that pay me money to make them appear on Google.

Good keywords vs. Bad keywords:

The examples that we went through just now are good keywords that people are making a lot of money off of so just know that there are a lot of bad keywords so I just wanted to go through a few real quick. A keyword such as ‘dessert recipe’ isn’t a really good keyword because not many people are going to pay for a recipe book nowadays. A more appropriate thing would be to write some sort of cookbook out there so basically you’ll be an Affiliate Marketer for that cookbook and you’ll generate leads by doing some sort of reviews. So it’d bea review likeJohnny McFly dessert’s cookbook and you’ll give a link that hey you can buy this cookbook from here and if somebody visits a link and they end up buying it then you would get the commission.

Another bad keyword is typing stupid phrases like

Now, I just wanted to let you guys know that how actually your site gets ranked on Google and the answer is simple

So backlinks are a deep thing and we’ll discuss this in some other article but what I want you to know is Google‘s going to rank whoever they feel have the best and highest quality backlinks and a backlink is essentially like a citation and they’re going to check all the citations that you have going to your site and if they like them then they’re going to rank you higher and higher and eventually you’ll get up to the top.

Now, the main question arises that whatyou truly need to get started and make money from Google.

Well you might now probably ask yourself oh well I don’t know how to design a website. Well you really don’t need any experience; it’s very easy with the tools and plugins that WordPress provides. You might now be wondering that you probably need some complex tools for setting this up but the tools that I’ve mentioned, they’re all you need. Well these are the basic things you need to get yourself started, I hope this article helps you setting up and making money using SEO and the tips and tricks I shared.


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