How PPC Fits into Your Internet Marketing Strategy

PPC Fits into Internet Marketing Strategy


Pay Per Click Advertising is a short and instant way to make customer land on your site by clicking on search engine advertising link. The Google Ads are the best example of this type of advertising. Here the payment to Google can be on a certain number of impressions, clicks or a few other things. Many people without sound technical knowledge and greater money of investor at hand consider it good news. But the moment it is the time to show return on investment (ROI) they are in big trouble.

To calculate the ROI the ground rule is:

Cost/ Click < Conversion Rate X Total Clicks X Profit / Conversion

In modern day when people look for shortcuts to get the things done, PPC generate instant results by supporting the internet marketing strategy.

It gives business visibility alongside the non-paid and natural results. SEO or non-paid results takes a lot of time to reach the top though PPC results gets visible the moment you win bid for a certain set of keyword.

Here related keywords is the important factor that one need to consider the more narrow the keyword is the better chances of greater click through ratio happens. Here research plays a crucial role in survival. There are times that you related and niche keywords at a surprisingly low bid, which means the average cost/ click gets low.

Maintaining quality in ad, ad performance and landing page; is another factor that contributes to better PPC. Make sure you build a history of running specific campaigns, ads and ad group without alternation. Using new account will require you to build credibility from zero. Keep testing the ad copy for better click through rate. Do make sure that you design as according to geography, search network and time, so each reach well to all.

At last, it is about the content quality that should be synchronized. The keywords should be naturally used not only in ad but also on the landing pages, to grab attention and be clear enough to call for action.

There are many more technicalities, so taking suggestion from expert is the best solution.

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