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Being part of digital age, internet marketing has become crucial for survival in the online world. The cost of marketing online has significantly reduced over the years with traditional marketing taking back seat. If you talk about the PPC and SEO, there is a fight of which is beneficial. People in business are always confused in which one to choose, so here the experts come into the battle field. Varying as according to the stage your business is in, both have their own significance.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO consist of variety of strategic way by which one brings maximum number of visitors on website. The ultimate purpose is to be not only top of the mind solution provider to customer but also to the search engine. This is done by achieving the goal of appearing high on the search engine ranking page (SERP). This is a time consuming process as it requires better organic results attainment by employing diverse strategies for an extended period of time. The major strategy is the use of keyword rich content at the right place that is able to drive long tail searches smoothly.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

PPC is a model of internet advertising in which when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement and lands on website of interest. As it is more expected that visitor clicked on the advertisement with the intent to satisfy his certain, indicated in ad, need. It is the means of generating direct form of traffic on the website with the use of worth a click advertisement and well designed landing page. The expertise is required to choose the right medium to display your advertisement and instant results are generated.

Long Term Relation Vs Short Term Fame

SEO is an on-going process that starts with small but consistent results more like a relationship that takes time in strengthening. The PPC, on the other hand, generates results the moment you start putting money. In many cases the result decreases drastically the moment you stop investing your budget. Hence it can be said that PPC is more like fame that is instant and short term.

So is SEO better than PPC?

The answer is NO, as for generating awareness about product or promoting a new offer PPC is the best option. But if you back it with proper SEO, you can make long term growth too.

Therefore using both SEO and PPC together can aid you in sustaining your position in the market.

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  1. Organic SEO will ALWAYS be in high demand. To create an online business that will last for years, you need SEO traffic.

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