What is SEO-Search Engine Optimization?

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Hi guys people are always in seeking “what is SEO?” and they are rarely directed to the exact point. Today I am going to define you the actual purpose of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO(Search engine optimization) is defined as the strategies and the tactics to gain traffic, Actually its purpose to optimize a website for search engines and to control the quality of website, SEO is not only significant for directing the traffic towards the website, but it also aims to enhance the user-friendliness of your website and improve its reputation.

There are two main factors or strategies of SEO which are defined below.

On-page SEO

I have just defined you “what is SEO?”, now I am going to elaborate you “what is On-page SEO?”

On Page SEO refers the settings and all measures that could be applied on your website and to make relevant your page for queries, its aim to direct relevant traffic for your website. The significant On Page SEO tips are:

  • Having valuable titles and defined descriptions
  • Appropriate URL structures
  • Simple easy to use navigation
  • (Breadcrumbs, user sitemaps)
  • Improved internal links
  • Text Formatting
  • (Use of h1, h2, bold etc)
  • Image optimization
  • (Image size, proper image names, use of Alt tag)
  • User friendly 404 pages
  • Fast loading pages
  • Mobile Friendly pages
  • Reputation (Fresh and engaging contents as well as quality links. The most important factor!)
  • Outbound / External links (No broken links or links to ‘bad’ sites)

Off-Page SEO

Friends, now we will earn another important strategy of SEO that is “what is Off-page SEO?”

In contrast to On Page SEO, Off Page SEO aims to provide a way to perform different activities beyond the boundaries of website; it is a factor which cannot be controlled by applying something on page (frontend side) or the coding on page. The most significant are:

  • Link building
  • Forum participation
  • Videos Marketing
  • Social Networking

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