How to setup Ad words remarketing campaign for success

Mostly you’ve been followed around by sites you’ve previously visited so why not put your brand or business in front of your audience again it’s cost effective and so many businesses just don’t use or know how to implement this amazing feature. Now you can and that’s why I’m so excited to share this with you don’t worry as usual I’m going to give you full step-by-step instructions on how to add remarketing ads to your Google AdWords campaigns and we’ll make it cost effective. Okay so let’s start by adding the remarketing code to your website and the first thing I want you to do is to log into your AdWords account and in the bottom left hand side of your screen left-hand corner

There, click on shared library and it will bring you to this window

Under Audiences, click on View and if you click on view in the top right hand corner you will see this and it says remarketing tag as we haven’t got the tag on our site yet saying

Now, click on tag details

At this screen click to see tag details so view the tag implementation instructions, view AdWords tag for websites and by clicking on that it will bring you to this box

This code will work on both mobile and desktop websites. We want to be able to check to make sure that our remarketing tag is working. Install the Google chrome browser on your computer if you don’t have it already. Download the Google tag assistant- this is an extension after you’ve done this then you’ll see this icon

The blue icon is now going to be now sitting on the far right hand side of your browser it’s quite small but you’ll be able to see it there. When you click on that blue tag it will give you a drop down box and it will show you this

Important info to note about your remarketing campaigns the first thing is when you first add your remarketing code to your website you begin to create a list which is the remarketing list and initially it’s not going to have any visitors or users as people visit your website now with the new tag that’ll be added to your list. Okay so let’s go ahead and set our first Google AdWords remarketing campaign. The first thing is to sign in to your Google account

Click on the red plus campaign button and then click on Display Network only.

After that give your campaign a name and click on “buy on your website”.

Ive set a daily budget here of $10 and then click on standard delivery and in the next window select ‘no cap on viewable impressions’ because we do want the campaign to get up and running so we’re not going to put too many brakes on our ability to get seen online.

Let’s give our Ad group a name, add a bit in this case somewhere between 50 cents and $2 is fine to get us started and on the drop down box select Remarketing lists

This box will become populated once this is happening you’re over a 100 visitors as previously mentioned you can click on the arrow move your visitors into your remarketing campaign and one you can use.

This is a great feature that Google has implemented if you click on view ad ideas what it allows you to do in this case I’ve entered my website URL it scans your website and actually picks up images and creates ads based on your particular website it’s a good jumping off point it’s not the be-all and end-all of setting display ads but nevertheless it’s a great feature and one you can use. And here are some banner Ad resources if you would like to get some banners made up outside of Google AdWords then head on over to The other ones you can create the banners yourself inside their software and their banner is sketchy

Just for your information here are some banner ads dimensions for most of the commonly used banner ads

For the best results just remember each of your ads should always include the following keep this as your formula always include your logo, your benefit focused headline, your phone number or your call-to-action and highlight any special offers, discounts, free trials etc. I hope you guys would enjoy this informative article on retargeting you are now well on your way to be able to set up your own Google AdWords remarketing campaigns.

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