What Social Media Marketing Platforms Other Than Facebook Rule The Marketing Arena?

What Social Media Marketing Platforms Other Than Facebook Rule The Marketing Arena

We all know Facebook is a widely used social media platform. As it should be since it provides you free access to create, promote and boost your content. Not to mention every agency uses it to increase their marketing and hence achieving their goals. Aimhike is one such digital marketing agency that favors facebook more than any social media site.

But apart from Facebook, there are certainly other social media applications which might help you with some other options and a good platform for marketing. 2 of the most famous applications includes Instagram and snapchat. People nowadays turn more towards these applications more to waste their time anyways and ends up buying stuff or promoting it.

Instagram and Snapchat are top priorities of bloggers and agencies these days. Features that make them more promising to do social media marketing might make opt for them. Every social media agency in Pakistan is now focused on using these two platforms for advertising.

What Social Media Marketing Platforms Other Than Facebook Rule The Marketing Arena

Instagram, people use this social networking site to see new fashion trends and learn new tips and tricks. With added features of video and TV, its become the latest favorite to log in to search for ideas and creativity. On Instagram, you can upload pictures featuring trendy fashion accessories and makeup tricks. Apparently, the audience that uses social media applications is women. Since they have nothing more to do or are always in search of new makeup and outfit hacks.

Contrary to that, bloggers take advantage of this site as well. As they take pictures or make videos(if they’re good at that), write hooking content and upload it. They play on the nerves of people as they only upload those content which might influence their readers to buy that product somehow or at least become a follower.

There are also certain categories for blogging on Instagram as well and fashion blogging, food blogging, and photography blogging are some of them. While these categories are common everywhere, bloggers like to think of Instagram as their favorite one, citing content on Instagram stays organized and on focus. IGTV and Live have added options which make them more engaging and easy. Even a social media agency opting to increase their business and attract audience either hire these bloggers or make pages themselves on Instagram.

Next comes snapchat. Snapchat is not that much frequent in terms of marketing. But, it surely the best next choice after Instagram and Facebook. Bloggers these days divert their audience towards snapchat and make snap videos and tutorials of their content.

For example, if it is some traveling marketing they will feature their traveling snaps in their stories in which they are found giving people a tour, if it is makeup marketing which is popular these days then makeup experts upload stories of how these products can be used, in clothing one you just have to upload pictures of your outfits, if your teaching your audience some tip or tricks on cooking, baking etc then just demonstrate the process via snaps.

Then there’s a separate section which includes all ads and people awaiting their snaps to load turn towards it and eventually helps marketing. So Instagram and snapchat are the next best tools for social media marketing. As Facebook is not trustworthy lately so you can always opt for the above-mentioned websites and others for marketing purpose. Albeit, any SEO agency in Pakistan would dig facebook over Instagram or snapchat.

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