Targeted link building strategies 2016

link building strategies

Link building is the turning dead as believed by many, but the matter of fact is that it still runs as blood in SEO strategies of 2016. Today it is not just about posting link anywhere and everywhere you find content. It is about mixing your creativity in the old school link building strategy. This should be kept in mind that today it is more about quality links to be posted as compare to quantity.

Targeted link building helps one in building relationship by targeting on a specific link. But the question is how to work efficiently in the domain. Here is the 3 step solution that will work for you in 2016.

Link Acquisition Discovery

This is the first step where one discovers the avenues of link acquisition in the related field. It can be thorough relevant communities, press, publications, intersection and competitive link. This is the research step where one discovers the need of target link building. It should be kept in mind that if your page is already in at least top 20 search engine results and the page is structurally sound with measurable impact then it is a green signal for going ahead with link building search.

Different Platform Diverse Strategy

One needs to identify which platform to be focused on more and which one to give less importance. For 1 to 1 reach link building through direct email or tweets might be a good idea. If one wants to broad cast to mass audience social network sharing, press releases and blogs can be a good idea. For narrow targeting social ads, retargeting and display work wonder with investment of money. The mix and match of everything with close watch on result can take one long way.

Execution and Testing

Here the combination of different strategies with a flick of innovation is executed with continuous brain storming and close eye on results. Always remember this that content, graphics, pitch, timing and a number of factors should be monitored for improvement even when things are working fine.

Any moment your internal voice or the group eco tells you that target link building strategy needs to be altered, do make sure you listen to it.

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