Top 3 SEO Tips for 2017

The three most important tips for beginner SEO’s would be first to think about your website in terms of its structure. Google does not rank websites, Google has never ranked a website, and Google only ranks web pages.

Let’s just discuss the three most important tips for SEO in 2017 that I think are a complete package to make your web traffic spark!

Optimize your Sitemap:

So, the step no 1 would be to make sure that the sitemap of your site like the service and product pages that you’ve got a page for each phrase, you’ve got a phrase for each topic, you’ve got a page for each service or product that you offer.

Example – never make a page called services that has all of your services on one page, there would be a huge missed opportunity to indicate relevance for every service that you offer. The basic structure of your website should be aligned with key phrases.

Another important tip for beginner SEO’s is to simply indicate relevant. Really our job as search optimizers is to indicate the relevance for what we do. Simply use the phrase on the page if you wonder why your page doesn’t rank just try this trick just hit

Like finding something in word and type and type in the phrase that you get your link build your relevant for and see how many times you actually use the phrase in the page. There’s lots of people who wonder why they don’t rank and then they go look at the page and you explain to them that page isn’t even about that topic.

Use Your Target Phrase:

Use the target phrase once in the title tag in the beginning, use the target key phrase once in the header as an h1 somewhere in the header and use the target phrase in the body text. This is it; it’s not that fancy so definitely use the targeted keyword probably a couple of times every 500 words just indicate the relevance

Build Relationships:

My third tip for beginner search marketers is to pay attention to other marketers who create content.

We call the 1% rule—1% of people actually make content we make the internet and making relationships with those people and paying attention to who they are will give you huge benefits in the long run will make a big difference for you because those are the people that might link to you if you collaborate with them, you build a relationship you can sometimes win that attention, win that link, win that mention and that’s going to benefit you in the long run because the other half in SEO first half is relevance, the other half of SEO is Authority who’s linking to you.

Don’t build links ATTRACT links by building relationships those long term relationships with media companies’ journalists, event producers, podcasters, academic researchers and bloggers and blog editors. That’s going to give you huge benefits so you pay off in the long run.

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