How To Use Two WhatsApp Account In Same Android Phone

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Hey guys
The peoples are always in searching how to use two whatsapp or dual whatsapp in one android phone. Don’t should be worry anymore. Today I am going to show you how to use Two Whatsapp in an android phone.
How to use 2 whatsapp in one android phone?
Step by step instructions to use two whatsapp in one android phone.
• Go to your browser chrome safari Firefox etc…
• open the link
You will see so many software’s scroll down and click in what’s app +
• Now tap to download and wait while a moment.
• Install it normally.
• Create your account.
• Enjoy! Two whatsapp in an android phone
Hope you enjoy Thanks
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1 thought on “How To Use Two WhatsApp Account In Same Android Phone”

  1. This doesn’t work because the suggested version is outdated & update for year 2016 is not available. Each time it tells to adjust date of device but eventually doesn’t work at all

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