Two Whatsapp Installation in One Iphone

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Hi guys
Today I am going to show you how to install and use two whatsapp in one iphone,
Most of the people are searching how to install dual whatsapp or how to use dual whatsapp accounts in one iphone. Don’t be worry about it. Here we are going to discuss complete process to install Two Whatsapp in one iphone without wasting of time.
How to install two whatsapp in an iphone?
Step by step instructions to install two whatsapp in an iphone.
• Go to Safari browser or any other browser.
• Tap to open browser.
• Go to address bar.
• Type and tap to search it.
• You will find multiple applications on this weblink.
• Just scroll down to bottom of page then select whatsapp.
• Tap to install Whatsapp and proceed for a moment.
• Now open your new whatsapp.
• Enjoy! Dual whatsapp in your iphone.

Let us know if you are facing any problem.
Thanks for watching and also send your feedback through given comment box.

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