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The limitation of words makes Twitter a platform where you need to make everything count. It is therefore concise and to the point. The platform unique yet there are common grounds with other network that requires you to synchronize the overall social media strategy accordingly.

Social Media Synchronization

Do make sure that your entire platform is able to give a unified message, which in case of Twitter starts off with giving appropriate profile and cover photo that is similar to other networks. The biggest advantage of Twitter is that your every tweet is shared on feed of each follower, unlike Edge Rank on Facebook when status is posted. Conversation on pictures is comparatively easy on Twitter as compare to Pinterest.

Make Brand Presence

The first thing considered is your profile and cover pictures, the second thing is your introduction. In order to make strong foundation make sure that you add a personalized touch by telling your brand story in the best possible way. Your Twitter username is your mark of identification in the pool of other brands. So it should be simple, highly obvious and punctuation-free. You can customize the background to make it gel up with the overall profile. The location, website and bio should be clearly mentioned keeping ease of customer in mind.

Organize Your Connections

The golden rule for Twitter is that you are not defined by those who follow you; rather it is about whom you follow. Be picky in following the first few specially and remember aggressive following can lead to suspension of your account. Then make separate categories for customers, suppliers/partners, competitors, organization and professional networks.

Communicate To Perfection

The right use of photos, videos and hashtags in manner that your posts get favored and retweeted often is the key for communication. Be bold to tweet from heart and be responsive to reply on related tweets and direct messages. Add a human touch by answering the questions directed towards you directly and even to questions that are related to your industry. Do synchronize your website and specially blogs. You can add timeline of twitter to your website by usage of widget. As there is limitation of characters, so using URL shortener is a great idea. Get your mobile connected, and do cross check that your Twitter app and mobile website is functioning well.

For better analysis of your progress use Twitter Analytics for checking performance, building community, finding effective tweets and generating better results.

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  1. In this competitive world, it’s really important to know your audience. Its also help to expand your business effectively.

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