What is content writing and its types

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Hi friends;
Today I am going to teach you what content writing is and how to become a successful content writer??

Basics of content writing

The most important basics are following below which should not be neglected at every circumstances.

Title / Content Topic

Title matters very first, content’s title should be attention grabbing which reflects the actual aim of content and idea for which the content is written.

Identify the goal

One reason is to attain us to write so long and good content is to decide we don’t stop what we want to say and what is the goal of our content.

Short sentences

Content should not very complicated, use short sentences. Content must not be fraught with extraordinary vocabulary, should simple, not very confusing which should be easier to stick with the readers and easy to take in.

Types of content writing

There are three types of content writing.
• Article writing.
• Blogs writing.
• Websites writing.

Article writing

An article is a piece of writing which is set for publication in newspapers, magazines or journal. Settled for wide audience to read, so must be important to attain the reader’s attention.

Blogs writing

A regularly updated webpage is controlled by an individual or a small group, content written in conversational style or in an informal way.

Websites content

Web content is the visual, textual or aural content. Fraught with images, animations, videos or sounds that is written in the way which encounters user’s experience on websites.

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  1. According to digital experts, visual and video content will be the king in the coming year.i’m right sir ?

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